Cook Islands 2018: Koka Lagoon

A trip to the Koka Lagoon, another feast and music, even learned to dance the island dance.

Hi again from Magic Reef, Rarotonga.
Plan for today: None.
Maybe pooling.
Or peeking at the trees from the sun deck.
With a cocktail.
The beach is quiet.
Only the crabs nibbel at your toes.
Now and then a young lady passes by.
With her new dog.
Shortly after, everybody sinks down on their beds again.
Kind of cute.
Then it gets really serious!
Captain Maui shows us giant clams.
And there’s snorkelling involved.
Come into the water!
It was soo good!
A fellow tour boat.
Corals at the beach.
Tiny hermit!
More coral shards.
All forms.
Muri Beach.
Same beauty like everywhere here.
Also these guys.
Grilled tuna, salads, papaya.
And entertainment…
Including climbing a coconut tree, with bare feet.
No fun.
We let him climb while we concentrate on cheering.
Were rewarded with one of these.
Back at the resort, we needed to pool.
Dinner at the waterline.
One of these is non-alcoholic.
What nice ambient.
Even had a fire going. See ya tomorrow!


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