Summer Holidays 2019: Wellington

On the road again! This time with a quest: Find a smaller car that is a bit higher from the road but still powerful on the road and good for the kids to sit in the back for holidays. Not an easy task because most cars usually tick one or two boxes, none all of them. The goal is power testing cars all over the North Island to find the hidden key!

Day 1: Arriving in Welly

On board the Aratere.
Got music?
Coffee eyes.
Found the upper deck!
The wind is not as strong leaning back… and we can get a tan the same time.
Hugging in the wind.
Out in the Cook Strait, waves begin to look more serious and we can feel them now.
But not all of us care.
The weather is so much better in Welly.
The Kaiarahi, waiting for her turn.
A… crab?
A crabhopper?
The Crab Shack.
Aotea Quai and harbour.
Smiles while waiting for dinner.
A wooden teddybear.
Tequila sunrise at the shack.
A beautiful girl with blue braces and her very patient older sister.
Oh, just the reflections.
More waterline.
These sisters again.
Other tourists, same quai.
Posing for a change.
Afternoon light.
And later, at the motel, going for a stroll because just over the street, there’s the beach.
The seagulls are already waiting to be shooed away.
And some kids are already on the float.
Waiting for me finishing my creativity spill.
Walking down to the sea.
At Petone Wharf.
Full with fishermen and women.
And a girl with a diy paper dragon.




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