Summer Holidays 2019: Quarry Gardens

Morning walk in Whangarei.

“Te Wai U O Te Atakura – The Milk From the Breast of Te Atakura” by Chris Booth
Ficus Dammaropsis, Dinner Plate Fig, from Papua Neuguinea
Just for comparison lol, they have very big dinner plates in Papua Neuginea.
Euphorbia Milii, Crown of Thorns. The throns usually are on the stems, but the flower is more interesting to depict.
Not so with the Ceibo Speciosa, the silk floss tree. What a spikey trunk!
Oh, that Jacaranda glory!
The waterfall and big lake in the upper quarry garden.
This didn’t have a tag.
Paths, memorials, trees, a tropical wonderland.
Lazy, and two beams.


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