Summer Holidays 2019: Paihia

Through the Hole in the Rock!

Welcome in Paihia!
Just boarded the “Hole in the Rock” tour ship.
A catamaran that sails from Paihia via Russel
and other little islands
accompanied by other adventurers
until the last of the peninsula comes in sight
There’s even a lighthouse on that rock.
But it’s the rock next to it that has the hole
and we drive right trough it!
to the disbelief of many
but swooosh and it’s done
On the way back we meet a group of bottlenose dolphins
some of them are really curious.
others stay away but give us a cool jumping show
back in Paihia
And if they have not been eaten by some whale that day, they will live on happily ever after…


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)