Summer Holidays 2019: Lakes

Dramatic clouds as we head out of Rotorua.

Lake Tikitapu / Blue Lake
Named as the place where the daughter of a high born chief lost her sacred greenstone neck ornament. The turquoise blue from above due to reflections from white rhzolite and pumice at the bottom.
Lake Rotokakahi – Green Lake. Named after the shellfish. Emerald green due to sandy bottom.
Lake Tarawera, meaning ‘Burnt Spear’ is one of the largest lakes in New Zealand. The lake was home to many small Maori villages and mission settlements until the Tarawera eruption in 1886. Legend has it that a “waka wairua” (phantom canoe) appeared on the lake as a portent of death a few days prior to the eruption.
Jetty on the lake.


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