Summer Holidays 2019: Ngatoroirangi

Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings by artist Matahi Whakataka Brightwell: Ngatoroirangi was a great and powerful high priest with the mana to carry the most powerful of deities. The rock alcove became the canvas for one of the most extraordinary contemporary carvings in NZ. Surrounded by smaller sculptures depicting tupuna (ancestors) an kaitiaki (guardians), the carving towers 14 metres above the water of Lake Taupo.

The Ernest Kemp, our ship of the day :)
Parasailing on the lake.
Leaning into the wind.
Sailing ship overtakes us.
Let the sun shine.
Finally, at Mine Bay.
Horomatangi, the taniwha that lives in the lake.
The South Wind, depicts a Maori story.
Te Ahorangi, the mermaid, she would swallow up canoes with her long tongue.
On die inside of our own waterdragon.


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