Wainui Falls

Not too far from Takaka lies the Wainui Bay with the weekend-walk of our choice :)

The first hundred metres of the Wainui Falls Track.
Farms and dense forests.
The first ford.
Twenty shades of bush.
Wainui River.
Looks like it’s a bit cold.
Bridge to nowhere.
The river falls already!
But the track is not finished yet.
On the hand: A green buttswinging stick insect, the most interesting and funny creature.
Mermaid just escaped the waters.
The Wainui Falls, finally :)
Along the riverside.
Two pukekos, feeding.
On the way to Totaranui, from the hill.
At the campsite, putting up our own little motel.
Sailing ships in the Totaranui Bay.
Two pied shags on the beach.
Fascinated by the waves.
The impressive camp entry.


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