Autumn Holidays 2019: Lewis Pass

One week for a Canterbury tour – today we drove through the Motueka River Valley, Tapawera, Murchison, Springs Junction, Matakitaki, Maruia, Hanmer, Culverden, Waipara, Amberley, Christchurch. With a few small stops here and there a full day’s ride.

First stop: St James Walkway (the first 100 m lol out of possible 18 hours)
Group foto with brand new cast Verena got yesterday after falling backwards from an aerial silk (Vertikalakrobatiktuch)(yes, it hurts and she accepts all virtual hugs happily)
Short walk through the beech forest.
On gravel and on neatly plastered wood panels.
Lichen covered trees everywhere.
The serpent.
The magical forest.
Waiau River with the Hanmer Conservation Park.
And further down the river, almost at the Culverden Junction.


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