Autumn Holidays 2019: Christchurch

A day in a beautiful and vibrant city.

While the car is in the beauty saloon, a girl and two dogs walk down the road.
They don’t take notice of the beautiful and also scary street art.
Anton Parson’s “Passing Time”
Somebody’s something.
A container wall to secure a whole house front.
A caged fairy.
A young tourist, a tram and the new City Mall.
A nightmare out of a wall.
Hungry travellers.
The C1 at the Old Post Central Building.
Yggdrasil, surrounded by glass.
The destroyed Christchurch Cathedral.
Cathedral Square.
The dragons that live there.
Kevin Ledo brought more than one wonder to life in this city.
Opposite the Bridge of Rememberance.
Spray Cans!
There is a red mini cooper in this picture. Can you see it?
Artists galore.
Mostly kind of crazy but still…
On Dyers Pass.
Lyttleton Harbour.
Watching the sun set from Mount Pleasant.