Autumn Holidays 2019: Antarctic Centre

The ultimate antarctic encounter outside of Antarctica ;)

Tour to Antarctica in a Hägglund. Powered by compact diesel engines, these cross-country tracked vehicles come with a detached, articulated cab that allows the vehicle to cross serious terrain and haul passengers and gear. Also, it floats, just in case.
Inside the Museum, which was also featuring a “real” antarctic storm.
At the blue penguin enclosure.
Learning about our planet and why Antarctica is the coolest continent of all.
Back in the Hägglund.
And Mum follows on a grizzly.
After this fabolous Morning we headed west, to the Rakaia River.
The same.
And found this beauty of a riverside cottage.
All included, even chess in front of the fireplace. We will sleep all warm and cozy tonight :)


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