Autumn Holidays 2019: Lake Coleridge

Lake Coleridge is 170 metres above the Rakaia River flat, so only gravity is needed to bring water from the lake through NZ’s first hydroelectric power station, emptying into the Rakaia River below.

Good Morning!
And it starts with a walk around the pond in front of the house.
Tempted to try the rowing boat, but it’s locked.
The Rakaia River Gorge.
Bridge 1.
The Bridge 1 walkway.
A long drive to Lake Coleridge, lots of empty, unswerving roads.
The powerhose of the Lake Coleridge Hydroelectric Power Plant.
On top of the ridge that restrains the lake.
At the intake.
That water is crystal clear.
Two hikers on the 2 km Araroa Lake Hill Track.
Finally downwards to the beach.
Let’s find a spot to unpack lunch ;)
Meanwhile, beach art is being built.
A stony beach tower.
What a beautiful setting, and the sandflies weren’t to bad either!
The way back.
Not a cross on the summit. Just a power pole, eaten by T-Rex.
Back at the house, just in time for a colourful sunset.


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