Autumn Holidays 2019: Just lazying around

A relaxing day at the Montrose Estate.

Good Morning! Time for a walk around the pond :)
There’s a bit of fog around today with the blue sky above just waiting to pop through.
But not yet.
The swans in morning light.
And one more, very still though.
Later, the jetty and the rising sun.
A hillside view.
Through the pampas grass.
Lunch time walk!
Basicly the same as above, just different.
On the farm.
Spider art.
The pond with Mt Hut.
The hut with the pond.
The framed girl.
Another pond shot.
And the daily rowing boat.
Afternoon walk!
Down to the Rakaia River.
These guys have fun.
While I concentrate on pinkish stone towers.
Everybody follows …
And we make the absolutely highest stone tower of today.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)