Autumn Holidays 2019: Arthur’s Pass

Bye-bye Canterbury!

Time to return home. On a spur of the moment we decided that Arthur’s Pass was the way to go.
Up the valley after Springfield.
Korowai-Torlesse Tussocklands Park drive-through.
Stop at Castle Hill? We opted out this time due to the Easter Weekend Tourist stream.
Castle Hill on the fly.
Lake Pearson appears in the distance.
Of course we stop!
The autumny colours around the lake are just to good to be true.
Such a nice place.
With the willows bending over the beach, protecting it.
Into the Craigieburn.
Down to the Waimakariri River.
Here it lies, flat, still, just a little bit of water.
To the West.
Is where we go!
The bridge.
Here we have already passed the pass: Down Otira Valley.
And at Jackson’s Junction we went for Lake Brunner. Here the marina in Moana.
Somewhere on the way to Murchison.
The x-th bridge.
Amazing. But after 7 hours drive can’t wait to get home :)


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