Winter Holidays 2019: Fiji

Our second tropical island trip! So excited! Can’t wait for summer at the beach again!

Flight to Auckland in a Bombardier Q300.
Auckland Airport: Good Morning all you little chocolaty doughnuts! Very hard to pick one when all of them smile at you like that.
Inspecting the plugs on the international flight to Melanesia.
Can’t get enough of clouds that look like cotton puff.
Finally, the tropical setting of Nadi, Wailoloa Beach.
Wailoloa Beach, with the Ramada Hotel standing out of the else single storey houses.
The Beach and a plane ascending from the near airport.
Through Nadi in a cab.
Dinner and Mango Tango at the hotel restaurant.
Sunset from the top floor.
The instagram game lol.

The pictures are a wild mixture of camera, gopro and mobile phone, please excuse mediocre quality attempts on family snapshots ;)


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