Winter Holidays 2019: The Yasawa Flyer

Quite a journey! Two flights and a boat trip away from Fiji main island lie the sunny Yasawas with lots of little villages (for the residents) and resorts (for the guests). To get there it can take you from 30 min to 5 hours.

Early get up, transferring to Port Denerau where the island ferries are stationed.
Good-bye to the luggage. Hope to see you again in one piece!
Boarding the vessel (on the right side)
Sunny seats :)
Leaving the main island.
Last views of the Denerau peninsula.
There are some beautiful islands coming our way.
South sea at its best.
Another taxi to pick up travellers.
Getting tired from the swaying.
Islands floating by.
Another handfull of tourists gone at this resort.
And they get a proper hello.
The blue horizons.
Love the clouds.
Are we there soon?
No, ours is one of the last stops, right at the top of the Yasawa Islands.
Oceanspray and wind.
Nearly there!
Leaving the Flyer.
Suitcases have arrived, too (phew).
Our little cabin at the beach.
Comfy at the restaurant.
First sunset in the Blue Lagoon.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)