Winter Holidays 2019: Blue Lagoon

We will stay at 3 different resorts the following week, the first, Blue Lagoon, is on Nacula Island.

Pre breakfast walk on the beach.
The water is super warm.
And little, translucent fish swim in the shallow water.
Morning colours.
Tour with the kayak.
While the rest of us enjoys just sitting on the cool sand.
Underwater world.
All at the doorstep to explore.
That fish (a striped surgeon)!
School of longfin spadefish.
Lots of fish.
Some kind of wrasse.
The wrasse is following us.
Snorkeling underway.
Pre lunch – kayaking.
Eating at the restaurant.
And while the kids are napping
we are walking up the hill behind the resort.
Only the strong survive.
But the view is really worth it :)
Back down.
Weed on the way.
Afternoon colours.
Waiting for the sunset.
Almost there.
Good night from Nacula Island.


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