Winter Holidays 2019: Snorkeling and Mangroves

Still at Navutu Stars, it seems we do nothing else than going to the bure and back, enjoying food at the restaurant and either snorkel away or lie in a hammock. Life is great :)

Yaqeta sunrise.
Morning on the yoga deck.
Investigating the mangroves.
Extremely thick and sturdy roots that don’t mind salty water.
That’s the place where the big crabs are caught (didn’t encounter any)
More roots.
Back in the bure, pondering about roof construction.
Made some coconut milk and put it in a pina colada!
Gone snorkeling :)
Group swim around Turtle Island.
Amazing underwater canyons.
Can you spot the giant clam?
Little blue fish.
Star anemone.
Purple … thing.
Nemo again!
And more of the little blue fish. They are so cute, once you come near they all suddenly swim-jump into the coral.
And some green, too.
Going back.
Evening walk around the local beach.

Sunset with mangroves.
Sunset from the water’s edge.


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