Winter Holidays 2019: Bye Navutu

Last Morning at Navutu Stars.

Morning light at Navutu Stars.
Fine ripples in the sand.
Sun through the mangroves.
Aye, finally. The mangroves without the water!
When you’re so relaxed that your imagination begins to see beings in every stone.
Yoga girls.
The flower of the navutu tree, a delicate bud that opens up in the evening only to fall to the ground the Morning after.
Lazy shadows.
Last walk up the village hill.
Islands in the distance.
Girl with a really big shell.
Pool and restaurant in the background.
Happy mocktail girl.
Lunching before the next trip.
The private dining “tent”
Coconuts above.
The restaurant.
Good-bye song from the staff (and flower wreaths)
Back to the Flyer, on to new lands!


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