Winter Holidays 2019: Paradise Cove

Came over to Paradise yesterday, enjoyed a perfect dinner and welcomed a very busy schedule today :) Cooking, basket weaving, snorkeling, sun bathing, more fantastic food at the restaurant!

White bougainvillea.
The cooking demonstration.
We learn how to make roti.
Which will be consumed with spread of choice and lemon leaf tea.
Bathmat. Need to try at home :)

New hairstyles came along.
Walk on the rocky shore.

Blue-tailed copper-striped skink in the near coconut forest.
Back on the beach.
Towards the resort.
Coconut leaf basket weaving workshop.
Wow, amazing ;)
Meanwhile, at the bar.
And the daily snorkel trip not to be missed.
Needlefish, always near the surface, eying at you.
Catching fish… almost.
Rivulated Parrotfish, a bit shy this guy.
Photobombed once more!
Sea cucumber, we saw only a handfull all week, which is nothing compared to the Cookies.
Corals and fish.
Who finds the name of this fish gets a prize.
Two loners.
It’s photobomb day.

Needlefish again (these are just 10-15 cm long).
Dad needlefish, it was at least 1,50 m long and quite fast. Sharp teeth, ugh.
So much life!
Gotta love these little blue spots on the corals.
Walked up to the sunset photospot.
The lovely Naukacuvu sunset.
Evening performance of staff choire and dance group. Such a packed day lol!


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