Winter Holidays 2019: Naukacuvu Island

It’s such a relief when the only stressful thing during the day is the recreational pool noise :)

Sandy feet for breakfast.
Broken corals on the beach.
Pool/Bar before everybody even woke up.
Morning glory.
Cliff walk.
Sharing the space with other creatures.
The jumping shore crab.
Before you even set foot on the same rock slab they’re long gone.
And the jump like athletes.
Almost like bungee jumpers, with stretched limbs.
These guys don’t jump. Ever.
Quite a weather today.
But sunny again in the afternoon.
Sitting at the Sandbar and having mocktails.
And cocktails, for mum and dad.
Like this! With a big smile ;)
Time to hammock a bit.
Others prefer the sand.
Blue starfish.
And another, leasurely drooping over a piece of coral.
Green… something.
Very shallow water over the reef at low tide.
Readying for another snorkel experience.
Blue seastar again. Seems they like it here.
Table corals.
Blackspotted Puffer.
Staghorn coral with the occasional fish.
Blue Chromus on Staghorn Coral
Blue Chromus and other guys on pink coral
He really likes trevally ;)
Don’t ask me why the’re called squirrel fish, I would say they are yellow finned pinkies.
The lean one on the bottom is a blue streak cleaner wrasse, always around other fish, nibbling away.
Threadfin Butterflyfish … Many butterflyfishes have a black stripe through the eye, to conceal it, and a fake eye spot near the tail. These both act to confuse would-be predators about which end is the head of the fish.
Bluespotted ribbontail ray showing its venomous tail spike.
Almost translucent pink jacks.
What a variety of fish.
Juvenile white trevally swarming.
Just a rock?
School of young striped jack.
Can you spot the camouflage grouper?
Good night sunset!


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