Winter Holidays 2019: To Paradise – and back

This was a very enjoyable holiday, we saw different places, met lots of people, learned about tropical wildlife and got a better understanding how life in Melanesia works.

Sailing boats in the channel between Nanuya Balavu and Naukacuvu Island.
Tropical mermaid.
Just too good to be true.
Corals on the sand.
Sea breeze and palm trees.
Through the peeping hole in the day bed.
Umbrellas at the pool.
The pool.
Last tired Morning.
Last fotos to remember.
Green coconuts.
A random coconut climber.
Yellow coconuts.
She can get you some!
We didn’t rely on that promise, rather had our last lunch at the restaurant.
Sooo fancy :)
Our shades of feet.
The baskets we made earlier this week.
Omg is it really time to go?
New guests arriving.
Meanwhile, we’re on our way.
Waya Island.
South Sea Island.
The last tropical sunset.
Later, when we arrived in Port Denerau, is was almost dark.
Next day: Morning in Nadi.
The bird of our choice.
Picking up our belongings.




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