Winter Holidays 2020: Lindis Pass to Wanaka

A rainy day was forecast and we are ready to ride it!

Omarama top sight: The Clay Cliffs.
Full view of the front cliff row.
Rosehips are the new grass.
Path up inside the cliffs.
Gets more gravely but views get better.
Down from as far as we could climb without slipping on the wet clay/pebble ground.
Same just less cliffs.
And even less, just the river and rosehip flats.
Last look back.
And off we go down to Wanaka on Tarras Road.
Lindis Pass.
Some boutique shopping on the way.
And soon, the sky clears up, I can see the blue already!
Somewhere down there is our motel.
Beautiful drake on Lake Wanaka.
His gf is having a shower.
Willow curtain.
Eatery on the beach.
See you again tomorrow :)


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)