Winter Holidays 2020: Wanaka to Fox

The 3 day rainfall map is guiding our way. With a dry spell opportunity we have to go West!

Good-Morning-Ice cream from our favourite ice cream shop.
That Wanaka Tree!
Most photographed tree in the world, probably.
Lake Wanaka.
The same, further to the North.
Arriving at Blue Lake during our ascent of Haast Pass.
The green blue lake.
Third way to take a picture there.
Camera was tired and looked to the ground.
Fancy jungle-like forests.
A lplay of light and shadow.
Moss and lycens galore.
Thunder Creek Falls.
West Coast!!!
The Info centre in Haast township.
Legendary bridges.
Beautiful, old, rusty charm.
Ship Creek.
More bush walks.
Waita River lagoon.
Green overgrows everything :D
Sandfly safe fun.
Westcoast waves.
Waita river.
Like a big pot of black tea.
Knight’s Point Lookout.
… and to the South.
Evening welcome in Fox.


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