Winter Holidays 2020: Fox to Hokitika

Our learner driver is doing very well, gathering experience on the glacier highway.

Fox Glacier views from glacier views viewpoint in Fox outskirts.
Random beautiful tree.
Foggy situation.
Mt Tasman.
Bridge at the entrance to Mt Matheson loop walk.
View of the views!
Good bush walk with good lookouts.
Perfect mirroring.
Mossy paths.
Fox scenery.
Franz Joseph, trees and mountains.
Track along Waiho river.
One of a thousand waterfalls.
A swing bridge like in a very old adverture film.
Glacier lurks around the corner but track is closed due to changes in the riverbed …
So we stick to waterfalls.
FJ township.
More like a broad road lined by motels and heli flight services.
On we go, to Ross, to relive the gold rush.
Step one: Watch all the models closely.
2: Touch everything that has no touch signs.
3: Read instructions.
4. Don’t fall in!
5. Find gold!
Please vote, which Hokitika sign you like best, sun trough o.
Or HDR with shadows. You can txt, email or social-media us with your opinion any time :)
Hokitika Town Clock, Located in the city center of Hokitika, the Town Clock is an iconic feature of the community. Complete with a see-through archway, a functional clock, and a bell tower with ornate metal trim, this structure is one of the most photographed in the area.
Priya Indian Food. No, didn’t eat there but at the Ea(s)t Eat on the opposite side of the road. Hot!


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)