Winter Holidays 2020: Hokitika

Getting comfy in and around Hokitika.

Walk of the day!
Excellent views of the blue-green waters of the Hokitika River as it makes its way through the rock sided gorge.
From the car park, follow the walking track for a few minutes through dense podocarp/hardwood forest before emerging onto a viewing platform. From here you can look down to the stunning Hokitika Gorge and out to the lush farmland of Kowhitirangi.
From the viewing platform, continue for another 6 minutes along the curving boardwalks and you will reach a swing bridge.
For good views further up the gorge, cross the swing bridge and when you come to the end of it turn left (straight ahead leads to private farmland).
The track continues for another 200 m through the bush to another viewing platform with looking out to the gorge upstream of the bridge.
Next … looking for greenstone at Lake Kaniere.
Dorothy Falls.
The tea river.
Endemic Paradise shelducks (pūtangitangi).
Kaniere landing at Hans Bay.
Walkway to canoe cove.
Who sits where? The old seat roulette!
Hymenophyllum nephrophyllum, the kidney fern, is a filmy fern species native to New Zealand. It commonly grows on the forest floor of open native bush. Individual kidney-shaped fronds stand about 5-10 cm tall. In hot weather they shrivel up to conserve moisture, but open up again when the wet returns.
When are we there?
And where are the canoes?
Can you find the mountain goats?
I saw green moss :D
How our booty looks after a week on the road, including very green stones.
Scots Memorial Church/St Andrew’s, Hokitika.


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