Winter Holidays 2020: Cape Foulwind

Last walk for this road trip: Cape Foulwind Cliff top walk. The thundering waves are just amazing, the air full of kawakawa and sea spray.

Residential area with a few tourist cottages near the cliffs.
The Cape Foulwind lighthouse.
The cliff walk.
Tauranga Bay and Wall Island.
Limestone Road lake from afar.
The fur seal colony at Tauranga Bay: Kekeno are the most common seals in New Zealand and their population is growing.
Two pups play fighting.
On the way back.
Paris is 18.000 km away, says the sign.
The northern bay.
A single goldfinch in the grass, looking for seeds.
The lighthouse just before the car park.
And at last: The secret quest we were on all our holidays: Who sees it first, gets the points! Shout out if you see a – pink car, black car, sign saying Christchurch, Blenheim or Kaikoura, yellow and red flowers, a train, a 100-sign, the word “slow”, stung by a sandfly, snow, the sea etc … Looking at the acummulation of points I guess Vivi won! Congrats!


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