Mt Campbell

With the kids having plans of their own, it’s Mum and Dad time! Since we heard it’s a “just an hour walk”, thought we could fit this adventure in our Sunday Morning plans. Wasn’t quite. 4.5 hours return was more like it! Note to self: Inform before you walk and take enough water, silly.

Mt Campbell Road, a while after the locked gate (had to leave the car there)… And now it’s just us and our feet for 9.2 km up the hill.
Very quickly, we get distracted by beautiful things, like common stones on the roadside.
But it pays off, the first glance back offers sensational views.
And after a few hours we really can see the transmission tower in the distance.
A few photo stops!
Just to regain breath, I mean, take photos!
Amazing how far into the Kahurangi you can see from here.
The weather was perfect, too. Not too cold, just a bit windy, but no snow.
1330 m at the tower… Finally! For a Sunday Morning walk this was kinda exhausting I have to say.
Motueka, Riwaka, the Tasman Bay and a little bit of Nelson if you switch on the eagle eye.
Motueka, a bit nearer.
Focus on the Motueka River.
Able Tasman coastline.
Golden Bay up to Farewell Spit.
Haha, can you see it?
Such a stunning walk, if you want to learn more about it, see 



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