Whariwharangi Bay

Welcome to Golden Bay! Today we’ll have a look at the Abel Tasman coastal track “from the other side”.

This is your guide today, Bekind, she knows everything about the region due to her recent activity camp.
A short overview what the legs will have to manage: From Wainui to Whariwharangi and back, 11.4 km, around 200 m altitude difference.
First time always is a stunner, can’t get enough of the views.
The shallow Wainui Bay with its distinctive sand dunes.
But the beach gets smaller once we made a few corners.
Mum waiting for their exhausted teens. HAHA, nah. The other way round.
Through the bush.
And simsalabim! Suddenly the sky gets blue again and the Whariwharangi Hut is reached.
Weka wants to join the lunch table but isn’t allowed to. It finds us very suspicious and searched the picknick area meticulously after we left.
Posing on a log.
This is our beach for the next hours :)
Quick social media update :P
While I explore the surroundings.
Would be good to roll in that mini waves… not just yet, let’s wait until it has +15 °C again.
Pied Shag rests on the beach.
As do we.
But then it is time again to walk back over the saddle.
A perfectly skeletonized leaf.
On the highest point!
Tramping party on the -only- bench on the track.
Such a green piccie!
A capture of the path, it looks short…
but it’s really not.
Fern trees and other natives along the walking highway.
Almost there.
One look back.
And a second one, because it was too beautiful.


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