Spring Holidays 2020: A whiff of Heaphy

Have been dreaming for a long time to do the Heaphy track, but never were fit enough (still aren’t, but didn’t want to wait any longer). There are some special short walks in the area, something for everybody.

With the best weather forecast, this was the day to start for a Heaphy day walk.
Nikau forest around every corner.
And after an hour, the first stunning beaches come forward.
They invite us to stay a bit.
Sandy, stony, seasprayed bays, and the sound of thundering waves.
Kokomuka, shore hebe, veronica elliptica. Such a fragrant flower!
Where the giant waves live.
These little monkeys :)
Beach river at Scott’s Beach.
Driftwood, sand and the sea.
Watching the tide rolling in.
This girl!
Walking away.
Two Variable Oystercatchers with a beachfront location.
Haha, same nikau palms we shot earlier.
Waterfall romantic.
Tired already?
Taking every opportunity to save more memories on card.
Bush walk.
Having the Kohaihai camp almost in sight a last interview for all the participants.
Then the final sprint.
Kohaihai swing bridge.
The river in all it’s orange glory.
And one on the way.
Back at the campsite.
Relaxing in the sand.
Later that day> Sunset race!
Last chance for fb, snap streaks etc to be sent >)
Almost down.
Blue hour starts.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)