Spring Holidays 2020: Westport to Karamea

A rainy day on the West Coast :)

Leaving Westport? Not just yet. The rain made us exploring the town…
Nothing much to see there though lol, old empty houses and a few of them stand out so they are the ones being photographed .
Quick view down the Main Road.
Almost Takaka-ish.
Still Main Road.
Interesting second hand shops.
The I-Site has a coal museum attached.
We swipe through and learn a lot about the mining history of the region.
Including a coal face experience of sorts.
Time to leave, still a long way to go.
Crossing rivers and leaving long strips of nothing but bush behind us.
Our favourite stop there> Pakawau, the beach has the best granity pebbles.
Since the Gita and Fehi floods it has changed, lots of properties are heavily fenced or walled to the sea now.
Little dance.
Lazy folks on the stormy coast.
The cutest fluffy cows ever.
Seaspray silhouettes.
Further up North, at Mokihinui Beach, they even built 5 m high sea walls to keep the ocean out.
On the hills between there and Karamea> The Lake Hanlon Walk. Dark clouds and dense bush make for a dusky experience.
Ferns. There should be a song about them.
The sky lightens, also these faces.
We reach the saddle and walk down to the lake.
More ferns. But they look gorgeous today.
The lake is very unspectacular, this is the bench we sat on, instead.
We were there!
Fe-he-rns *sing*.
You just gotta love them ferns. Maybe more tomorrow! See ya!


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