4 hours return Friday Morning walk in the Nelson ranges.

First part: Walking up the Glider road until a junction leads into steeper terrain.
From now on it’s walkers only.
NZ most beautiful weed ever, the infamous banana passionfruit. It is an aggressively invasive tropical vine native to the Andes that invades disturbed areas. Its effects include the smothering of trees, a reduction in biodiversity and the encouragement of invasive species such as feral pigs, which feed on the fruit.
The dark path.
Then the thicket turns to views and we’re awed.
And this is how you eat a plant that’s an unwanted organisms under the Biosecurity Act 1993: Have a bag ready. Munch all the juicy bits from the seeds, spit rests into bag, put any leftovers in bag, don’t leave anything behind! Put into landfill-bin.
Wuahahaha! After reaching the Barnicoat summit range, we got a wee bit lost and had to climb down the steepest gravel road that is in obvious frequent use.
After a few additional kilometres, at the glider’s field.
Hey, cool hangout including a spech from the local gliders club boss.
Looking down into the Tasman Bay.
And to Nelson. In total: Straining walk, 2 hrs up, 2 down, but best views so far!


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)