Summer Holidays 2020: Marlborough Sounds

A long journey, some technical difficulties, a happy ending!

On the road! Stop for a very Southern American takeaway lunch in Havelock.
Heading into the Sounds from Queen Charlotte Drive.
Many ways, for most destinations you got to go around and endlessly winding road to Kenepuru Head.
A cloudy bay, still gorgeous.
And then this happens.
A few hours go by with trying to get telephone reception, waiting and more waiting.
Some people flee the car for photos.
3 hours later on the Sunday afternoon: The tyre service has arrived, thank goodness.
And so we all eventually arrive well at the end of Kenepuru road, 80km around the Sound.
Next day: Doing the “Hausberg”, the Hopewell Loop Walk.
A really nice, ferny path up/down an east facing hillside.
Short rest, for insta sakes!
Some places look a bit derelict, but charming.
Bellbird watching us coming home.
Musselpot dinner!
Found these wonderful oysters, a culinary delight :)


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)