Summer Holidays 2020: Hopewell

Some activities and time to rest.

Good Morning, Kenepuru Sound!
The deck of our little cottage at Hopewell.
And how the sea looked later this day, from nice sunrise to wow colours views.
The kids are sit-up-paddleboarding.
… and exploring the underwater flora.
But there’s a variety of water sports you can do there…
Kayaking for example
Going to all the hidden beaches.
Or walking, like this gravel path to the farm at the very end of the Kenepuru road.
Supernice to look down on to the incoming tide..
The path goes on for 90 min until there’s this tide safe cow fence.

Boat through the shrubs.
After two rather rainy days the sunny reflections are a sight for sore eyes.
Manuka and coastline.
These feet really have earned a hot tub soak!


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