Summer Holidays 2020: Summerday in the Sounds

Biking, weaving and water treading.

Another beautiful sunrise!
Enough incentive to grab a bike and start a quick road trip.
Raetihi, Double Bay.
… and further to Nopera.
Sparkling sun makes the water glitter.
But in the sounds, clouds are never far away.
But not as fast as our bikes!
The curved landing.
Yeah, really is!
Everybody seems to have a rowing boat in the back yard.
And back at the lodge, the hammock chilling is more than welcome.
… and a cold bath.
Followed by a hot one.
The host’s boat between the trees.
Another bush walk in the afternoon.
To see Kenepuru Sound from above.
While others weave flax to little baskets and bracelets.
Parts of the Hopewell Lodge.
Hidden beach with a narrow access path that starts behind the watersport shed.
Ornaments and trees at the hang out in front of the lodge.
The evening low tide drags out the fine sands and colors the water.
The “dining area”…
… and did appreciate the perfectly grilled steak with potato salad and beans!


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)