Summer Holidays 2020: The mailboat

The Pelorus Mail Boat has been delivering mail by water to the residents of the Pelorus Sound/Te Hoiere in the Marlborough Sounds, at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, since 1918. For over 100 years The Mail Run – carrying mail, along with groceries, farming supplies and tourists – has cruised the waters of the remote Sounds, creating a lifeline to the outside world for those living in areas without road access.


Welcome the day!
The land past Hopewell up at the farmgate.
Turning into Pelorus Sound after Koutuwai Point.
This waterway is named after Pelorus Jack, a rare dolphin that lived a century ago, was a mayor tourist attraction and probably the only individual sea creature to be legally protected. He disappeared in 1912.
Stop for morning tea and a quick walk at Nydia Bay.
Stunning beach this is!
Such clear water and sharp edged stones that shimmer in all colours.
Can’t remember all the names of hills, slopes, reaches, islands … just nice to look at.
Te Rawa mail call. This is actually quite a tourist resort. Landed twice on way to and fro.
Mussel line check!
Swimming and diving around the boat for at least 5 min, awe!
Next mail call.
Salmon farm.
Cool slope ;)
Whakatahuri mail drop.
The boat is welcomed by members of the family.
Old husks, also called “garden ornaments” by the captain :)
Chetwode Islands.
King shags are quite reserved, territorial birds we hear. Endemic to New Zealand, only occurring in the Marlborough Sounds. Subfossil bone deposits indicate two regional haplogroups, from the Cook Strait region and northern North Island. However, king shags have been confined to the outer Marlborough Sounds for at least 240 years.
When the swallows fly low the weather changes for the worse…
… lucky for us these are Fluttering Shearwater. They’re native at risk birds with status “relict” (dangered).
Looks like Port Ligar in the distance.
Another mussel farm, they’re quite common in the Sounds and help clean the water.
Inside the mailboat.
Loveliest girl so far on the trip.
Spontaneously invited to watch power sheep shearing.
They had energetic music and a good speed at their work.
These clear ripples.
Bye French Pass!
Almost like Milford Sound.
Bulwer, Waihinau.
Even the pig comes out to the landing for a few treats :D
Seagulls waiting for their share.
Leaving Bulwer.
These guys don’t have a landing… ejejej
Wow, I call that remote living!
And then this! The two most beautiful kune kune pigs on the trip.
Amazingly friendly and hungry.
Waiting patiently for their cookies.
I mean, awwwwwwwww!
Toblerone hill.
Turning back into Kenepuru Sound.
Arriving at Hopewell.
Great day!


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