White Christmas 2020

This Boxing Day brought some hail.

Beach walking Rabbit Island with a thunderstorm already hanging in the air.
Shortly after returning home, the hail starts.
That’s not unusual, but the air swirls over the Moutere, some sources even post tornado videos.
So, after the first deluge, it comes back
and all hell breaks loose.
Within half an hour more or less everything is covered.
Daughter returns from her Christmas outing to a white wonderland.
Like wtf!
We just put up the wood grill for the evening, now it’s frozen. Let it go… !
At first it’s all fun and laughter, until we realize water comes down inside the walls in the spine of our house.
And somebody has to climb up the roof to de-ice the gutters.
The ice covered ridge.
Sheer unbelievable.
The orchard neighbors didn’t have much luck either.
If this was snow we would be skiing now!
Unfortunately, the veggie garden is not amused. This was rock melons, cherry tomatoes, cabbages, lettuce, basil, … gone
A bit more sheltered but also kind of pissed: The banana palm and hydrangea corner.
That was the blue bloom!
Our forecourt. When Mt Arthur came into view later, it was like tipped in cream.
The yard.
The sheep are fine, but confused and a bit shaken.

Dark skies – hail coming back? No. That was it.
These were the bean stalks.
Bye-bye cucumbers, zucchini, capsicums…
Just sad.
The house with a tiny roof-person for luck.
The hilltop.
And so 2020 goes with a bang. Happy 2021!!!


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