Maitai Caves

3 hours return from Maitai dam, through mixed bech and podocarp forest, we walk along the pristine Sclanders Creek. The cave is part of the Wooded Peak limestone formation, a limestone belt that goes NE to NW through Mt Richmond Forest Park. The whole area lies within the protected Nelson Maitai Water Reserve.

Easy Saturday 10.4 km return walk from Maitai Dam to the cave.
It might be labelled “easy” for walking, but it’s exciting and also exhausting in terms of adventurism. Starting with a knee-deep ford, followed by bee hives, leading to a ford that is seamed with thirsty bees.
Phew, good old foot path through the bush.
Another ford! This time your jumping skills are rated :D
Short stop to get an overview.
But why look far when the most amazing things are right in your face (sometimes literally)
From the Dun Mountain fork bridge.
“Über Stock und Stein”
The magic of ferns.
On the right path!
And here it is, the mighty Maitai Cave entry.
But without proper speleological equipment we leave it to the wetas ;)


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)