Takaka Hill Walkway

If you like comparing as much as I do, use the search function with “Takaka Hill” and find at least 2 other family walks with very similar pictures!

75% Family walk on the hill that separates Golden from Tasman Bay.
This part of the track follows a rocky path through bush, gorse and wasteland up to the transmission towers and back via the southern circle. Yeah, nah. No reception most of the way!
This magic sparkling rock could be phosporite, quite common in lime.
Is this guy reconstructing some old photograph? Hmmm. Seems so :D
Golden Bay view.
And right after turning into the southern circle, we discover this exceptionally old beech, covered in sooty mould and insects humming around it.
Half way through the circuit, Dad waiting for the chatty girls to arrive.
The tree bow, one of our favourites.
Purple pouch fungi are not rare here today!
They’re all benefiting from the recent wet weather.
Horopito, the endemic pepper tree.
Walking with the birds and the rustling leaves on a last summerly warm Saturday.


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