Kailua Kona

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii!

In times like ours flying is something special again, and with the necessary precautions it’s even more exciting than it has ever been. Welcome to Hawaii, aloha!
Nearly there, we can almost see touch the clear turquois water already lol
A bit drier than I expected it to be for a tropical island, but it’s been not long that it was still erupting so a bit of cold lava is probably fair :)
Discovering beaches
meet other beach birds
Strolling the Kona township.
Sending much love.
Such a sunny little village on the flanks of Mauna Loa, and she sends rain filled clouds down her leeward side every afternoon.
Selfie with the captain.
The wharf outdoor mall.
A genuine Ferrari in a very interesting colour variation.
Restaurants on the road side.
Another market with wonderful ripe mangos, dragon fruit and other tropical delicacies.
Rambutan, a soapberry fruit and cousin to lychee.
Mountain apple, originally from Malaysia. The trees are in the myrtle family, related to guava and eucalyptus.
Somebody has had enough walking.
Resting at the Kailua Pier.
Sunset at the Kona coast.
From the bridge next to the Wyndham Kona Resort.
Entry to the resort at night.
Hula lessons at the resort.
Dancing the sun and rain dance.
Celebrating the 4th of July with our friends.
Starburst cracker.
Thanks for the light show, it was an entertaining evening.
Detour to the Wailuku River State Park to see the Rainbow Falls.
Time for a family picture :)
Kona to Kohala.
The odd tree.
Scanning the horizon at Pāhoehoe Beach Park.
A day late on July 5th because it got rescheduled due to technical issues.

Greeting a new day.


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