Kukio Bay

Spending time exploring the area north of Kailua.

A day out in the lava fields of Kekaha Kai, where a long uneven road leads to the sea.
Must be very old, but still quite bare.
Holds up very well.
A little brush grass bush in an unforgiving environment.
Where lava has left patterns like waves, blobs, craters, tubes and more
Tourists, inspecting a crack in the stone.
A few miles north we found Kukio Bay, a quiet spot during the busy school holidays here.
Even the beach homes seemed empty.
A big, sheltered pool invites you to soak and break away from the summer heat.

Such nice shading provided.
Looking for a spot to sit?
Found it :)
The water is fresh, but that’s just what we were looking for.
We’ll bring lunch picnic next time!



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