Kiholo Queen’s Bath

Beachcombers at Kiholo Bay.

Day trip to the Kohala Coast. When you drive down to the KÄ«holo State Park Reserve, go early in the Morning or during the week since the number of visitors at a time is limited.
A guard gives out numbers and advice, then off you go on a bumpy gravel road.
It takes a time, but there are just minor pot holes, so enjoy the ride. From the parking it’s a short walk on the beach until you reach the fresh water Queen’s Bath.
We wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t for a few people frequenting the spot.
Most refreshing activity I’ve had in a while. Graceful swimming in a hole like …
a sea turtle at the near beach.
Wanted to shoot the beach, standing in the ankle deep water when this curious creature swam up to me.
Said hi, nibbled some algae, left.
Just a few feet long, but calm, almost fearless, impressive wildlife encounter.
Yeah, and the beach picture. Lovely but too quiet after witnessing the cute slowpokes.


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