The last month

… was a good mixture of “boring” like you would feel when you’re relaxed and all these new ideas pop into your head and the seasonal adventurousness. Here some pics that didn’t get the necessary attention ;)

Mid January, when the ultimate surprise arrived at the Munich Airport. The official story was that we were picking up a family friend, what a pleasant turn of events when it turns out to be your sister from the other side of the world!
And she’s picking up all loose ends quickly, stealing away the little one’s heart :)
Since then, there were a few memorable winter sunrises with golden, pink and glowing clouds.
Others were just plain, but snow flake catching with your mouth could go olympic if it were for us.
Early light backlighting the wind blown Schafberg.
The girls, taking advantage of family skiday opportunities when ever they present themselves :D
The drive alone is worthwhile.
The medieval rock castle Hohenwerfen, sitting in the Salzach valley on a precipice overlooking Werfen.
The sweet prize for working out on the slopes, yummy!
At home, the guys have a good time with blue elephants and cooled biting stars.
And then, a new family member turns up: The girl with the purple hair!
She’s fun and also quite lucky in dice games.
Hungry from throwing the dice? Thanks to Oma and Opa, we never go hungry!
The other hunger, roaming the mall and trying on all the dreams in frill, is stilled at Europark, a place filled with memories.
The next Senior Ball is coming up for sure.
The treat that makes the Friday rides to the mall so great! Nussbeugel and Mohnbeugel from the Holztrattner bakery.
A normal scene, any day; Work in the kitchen, in the computer lab, on the baby front.
But when the sun comes out, we try to be out and about, reviving old skills.
Snowtubing in Faistenau.
A few rides later, courage takes over and we see superman poses, twin tubes, flying jackets and more.
We just wait and watch while the screaming on the slope lasts.


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