Weitwörther Au und Oberndorf


Since December 2017, an important renaturation phase of the LIFE project Salzachauen has been running in the Weitwörther Au south of Oberndorf near Salzburg. Foreland subsidence, restructuring of the Ausee and alluvial forest nature conservation measures are the activities in nature conservation jargon.
They serve to ensure that rare animal and plant species such as the yellow- bellied toad and black poplar can find a habitat again in the floodplain.
Spruce and poplar monocultures have been removed, the site was lowered by 3 metres with heavy equipment. This created locations that are flooded by the Reitbach or Ausee several times a year, so that a dynamic, wild “soft floodplain” can redevelop. It is characterized by softwood tree species such as white willow and black poplar and is hard to find in the other parts of Salzach floodplains.
Also hard to find are snow drops, or as we call them Schneegloeckerl.
The other white flower that sprouts out of the barren, frozen ground are snowflakes (Fruehlingsknotenblumen). Both heralds of spring, it’s nearing in big steps now :)
Walking along the Salzach to rediscover our past with different eyes.
And also we can tell him, that he was here, too.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)