Cook Islands 2018: How to get to … Aitutaki

Spring holidays in the tropics! As we prepare for the stay, we learn that New Zealand is also a part of Polynesia, the biggest country in fact. Also, the “Cookies” are very close to New Zealand in commerce, also use the NZ$. Plus, they have their own version of the coins, including triangular ones. Well, can’t wait to get there!

Waking up at 3 am and leaving with the first flight out of Nelson.
A wonderful sunrise underneath the engine.
Fog-soaked landscape emerges into the light.
Unfold those tyres!
Switching into the next bigger version.
Hopefully dew, not engineer’s sweat.
Amazing wings.

And clouds around it.
And suddenly an island pops up underneath.
We’re landing!
But it’s not over. Another switch to a way smaller plane.
The almost car-sized kind.
Just another hour and we’re in Aitutaki, an atoll north of Rarotonga.
The pilot needs to do an extra turn and we are delighted to get to see to whole atoll.
Everybody is marked with tiare flower necklaces.


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