Cook Islands 2018: Tamanu Beach

Two days at the resort and a lot of time to relax!

Tamanu idyll.
Tamanu Beach.
One of the hammocks.
A little hermit crab visits.
Let’s do another kayak tour!
The perfectly clear water
is inviting you to step in …
Lunch break at our house and a new friend.
Around the island with the pink bikes.
At the harbour.
Hibiscus flower.
A coconut tree memory.
Directly out of the hammock.
Hermit crab’s tracks.
And the culprit (one of the many)!
The restaurant.
Boss is tired.
Meanwhile, we go snorkelling.
Looking for fish.
Nose under water, bum out :D
More fish.
Will we find an undiscovered shipwreck?
Sun rays, luckily no stingrays.
Blue starfish in the shallows.
A planted giant clam.
Is it really time for dinner again???
Or is still time for a quick swim in the pool?
The birds seem to like it, too.
This is, where dinner is served.
Under the palm trees.
No one got hurt, just relaxed ;)
Hermann, the Hermit.
Red, the cat.
Also red, the sundown.


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