Summer Holidays 2019: Muriwai

The one spot we have never missed when in Auckland!

The gannet colony at Muriwai and Motutara Island!
Harakeke around Muriwai.
From August to March each summer they nest here.
A hugely entertaining spectacle for all your senses.
The young are almost ready to try their own first flight.
Muriwai Beach.
And suddenly, I get challenged to make one good picture with F1.8 (bird sharp, everything else blurry-ish).
So I try.
And try. I feel confident I will win the promised prize.
Meanwhile, the sun goes down on Muriwai, slowly.
But I shoot on.
There’s always another bird.
In the sky.
And on the rocks.
They just sit around.
And I don’t think I could have stopped myself
if this hadn’t happened.


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