A Weekend in Auckland: Day 5

What to do when the weather is unsteady? Keep switching between sunhat and winter jacket!

Every day, we try do do something for everybody: Mum’s favourite is mural hunting.
Vivi’s wished for a ride up Sky Tower. And quite some metres up it is when you’re travelling in a glass bottom lift.
Actually, this high.
This high!
We did dare to touch the glass windows.
And also stepped on the glass bottom. So scary.
There’s even another 10 floors up after the main viewing platform. But it’s already super high, so it’s not much of a difference. Wish we had the guts to do the tower bungee though ;)
Stepping out of the evelator with a slightly upset stomach
which needs calming down in the nearest coffee shop :)
Yeah, random djinni mural at Myers Park.
Lucky murals.
A place like not many others, antique furniture, second hand clothes, old cameras and bric-a-bracs.
A girl I know wants to live here :D
This one.
But we got to leave for Dad’s wanna do – a detour to a must see when in Auckland, Mt Eden.
A few years ago cars were banned from entering summit range of Maungawhau.
Parking is midway up the vulcano, then you follow the road and later a wooden plank pathway.
Grasses bow like waves under the wind.
And here a photobomb rushes through.
The elevated path around the crater rim.
Three of us, looking at the skyline.
Thank you everyone for participating in this adventure. See you soon!


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