Sunrise at Sandspit

Even before the bunnies scare off the cows on the kumara’s paddocks we acknowledged the start of a new day on the island. A photographic ode to sunrise at sandspit.

Please don’t mind the obvious colour differences in pictures, they result from varying shutter speeds, zoom modes and cuts that were made in post production.
One of our favourite stylistic devices is kneeling down on the ground (the mud in this occasion) and have a good foreground to make the shot more interesting.
Same trick with variation is to have the forground in another colour or lighter/darker/sparkling.
Then there’s lines. Especially when the sun is low, contrasting effects become silhuette like features that stand out, like this river arm that leads into the open sea.
And here comes the wildlife! Oystercatchers busily tweeting in the orange tinted darkness. But the clouds that rise over the mountain ridge indicate that the sun will be up soon.
More visitors arrive to join the flock in their morning feast (or whatever they do there in the cold wet water brrr)
Glorious first seconds of blinding light!
And then so much that I have to reduce the exposure time dramatically, hence the fuller orange.
The other side, very close to breakfast. Happy Easter everybody!


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