A Weekend in Auckland: Day 4

A nice Saturday to continue the strolling around town.

Good Morning Auckland!
We put on our walking shoes again :)
So much to explore …
And views we’ve always passed by without stopping.
Sitting down to take in the views.
But not today!
We sit all the benches,
we walk the hills
and deep valley crossings
join a community’s market day
at the rainbow steps Ellen Melville Centre
and litterally on the steps
and on comfy bean bags
down foodie lane
back up Queen Street
falling into a chocolate shop
and posing on the red carpet
walking the city of sails
until we reach the harbour again
we follow the octopus to the Maritime Museum and follow the various themes around NZ and the sea:
The Immigrants –
“Re-live the stories of immigrants from the 1850s through to the 1960s, who left their homes, families, and possessions for a life on the other side of the world.
Experience what such a journey would have been like in the 1840s by walking through our Rocking Cabin – a reproduction of a steerage cabin.”
Hawaiki –
“Explore our world-class display of replica voyaging canoes from Oceania, and learn about the differing techniques, shapes and designs of the canoes used to colonise the islands of the Pacific. You can also view a Māori dug-out canoe and other artefacts.”
Black Magic –
“Meet NZL32, the yacht in which Team New Zealand won the America’s Cup in 1995.” And at an angle one would never come close to a ship on the water – exploring keel fin, keel bulb and rudder.
Coastal Trade –
“See how coastal trade was fundamental in establishing New Zealand as a nation. Before the construction of roads, goods were mostly transported on water to ports and harbours around the coastline. The vessel Rewa is a genuine trading cutter used during the 1800s.”
Landfalls –
“Navigate the pioneering voyages of discovery, settlement and trade that shaped the early history of New Zealand.”
Captain on the bridge! All hands on deck at the helm of the M.S. Calliope.
That was a lot of culture input, so we get some yummy dinner at an asian restaurant.
Followed by a Durian Snowwhite and other tiny baked asian deserts.
The Women’s Suffrage mural in Khartoum Place celebrates suffragettes who fought for women’s franchise in New Zealand – which they won in 1893, and women in this country became the first in the world to gain the vote.


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