A Weekend in Auckland: Day 3

Walking Hamilton Lake Domain, Bridal Veil Falls and back to Akl.

Hi kitty!
A roughly 4 km walk around Lake Rotoroa in Hamilton for breakfast.
Iron art work at the Lake Domain entry trough a rose garden.
And later we meet shags on fallen trees and I realise this might be what the creator of the iron sculpture saw, or maybe not ;)
Almost around once, and with goodbyes to our friends it’s almost lunch time again.
We pick up some take aways and go west, to the Bridal Veil Falls near Raglan.
The walkway to the falls is a treasure for itself.
Amazing how the light patterns in the peaty coloured water match the reflections of the sky.
More fun at the first visitor platform next to the crest.
What a beautiful ribbon waterfall. Were here a few years back but the weather today is hard to beat.
Following: A few shutter speed examples that were taken for photography class.
This one’s 1/60 sec.
A girl looking at a waterfall , 1/2 sec.
The base of the falls, 1 sec.
Full profile again, 1/60 sec.
After bush adventures we’re back in town and looking forward to some hours strolling the area between sky tower and Britomart.
The sun is setting soon, a few last kilometres on Queen St will satisfy the shopper’s hearts.
How I love the ever changing face of city life.
But the walking is tiring and our shopping tummies need donuts!


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